Monday, 31 August 2015

InterOil restarts drilling in PNG Corp. proclaimed that the PRL-15 joint venture has commenced drilling a side-track well at the Antelope-4 site, as part of its appraisal campaign on the Elk-Antelope gas field in Papua New Guinea. The Antelope-4 appraisal had been deferred in May 2015 at a true vertical depth sub-sea of 2056m (6745ft), roughly 158m above the field gas water contact. Well operations, which restarted on 13 August, 2015, included the on-site preparation and testing of well-head equipment.

Consequently the operator, Total E&P PNG obtained approval from the PNG Department of Energy to re-enter the well. The side-track was initiated at a measured depth of 862m (2828ft). As at 1530 hours (PNG time) the side-track well was drilling ahead at a depth of 895m (2936ft). InterOil Corp.

is an independent oil and gas business with a sole focus on Papua New Guinea. InterOil's assets include one of Asia's largest undeveloped gas fields, Elk-Antelope, in the Gulf Province, and exploration licenses covering about 16,000sq km. The company employs more than 2000 staff and contractors. Its main offices are in Singapore and Port Moresby.


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