Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Fiji dominates the region in tourism arrivals Fiji being smaller in its geographical size, it holds an impressive 41 per cent of the Pacific regional tourism market compared with Papua New Guinea (PNG) which holds 10 per cent.

A former PNG tourism minister Guma Wao told Radio New Zealand there were two main issues which turn tourists off visiting PNG.

"The hotels we have in the country, the guesthouses we have, are very expensive. And I think the tourists coming to the country, I think they're scared of law and order in the country," Mr Wao said.

The international image of PNG as a violent crime hot spot has long been problematic for the industry, according to the head of PNG Tourism Peter Vincent.

He says issues of perception could be turned around if tourism markets knew about the many positive things about PNG.

Australian tourists continue to dominate visitor arrivals into the South Pacific.

According to the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), 115,581 Australian tourists visited the region during the review with Fiji, dominating the market share at 58.4 per cent with 67,552 visitors and Papua New Guinea at 17.4 per cent with 20, 110 visitors.

SPTO says Pacific region has recorded a seven per cent increase in the number of visitor arrivals according to the first quarter tourism review for 2015.


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