Monday, 30 November 2015

Discover the Enchanted Islands of Papua New Guinea is a beautiful place where a visitor seeing the spectacular scenery across the vast areas of this wild country can simply visualize that he is the only person on earth! From the volcanic mountains to the flooded delta regions, lustrous white sand beaches and untouched coastal atolls, the landscape of Papua New Guinea is as diverse as the friendly people who live there. The island lies just south of the equator, 99 miles north of Australia. It is part of a great arc of mountains that stretch from Asia through Indonesia and into the South Pacific. This island country is enclosed by Bismarck Sea in the north, Arafura Sea in the south and Solomon Sea in the east. This captivating country, the second largest island in the world, has a record 600 islands of varying sizes and more than 800 indigenous languages.


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