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The flag of Papua New Guinea was adopted on July 1, 1971. In the hoist, it depicts the Southern Cross; in the fly, a raggiana bird of paradise is silhouetted.


Port Moresby, Capital of Papua New Guinea.

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Water falls are some of Papua New Guinea's attractions.

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Papua Guinea is not only an island but is also a territory of fully independent people thus calling the island the Republic of Papua Guinea.

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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

International Recognition to Young Papua New Guinea young researcher from Papua New Guinea has been internationally recognized from the PNG Coffee Industry Corporation for her research in the smallholder coffee producers in Eastern Highlands Province.

"The conference paper was from research carried out as part of my Masters in Philosophy Studies sponsored by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) under the John Allwright Fellowship Program."

Susan May Inu acknowledged a poster rendition and recondite on her research to the Tropical Agriculture Conference 2015 in Brisbane in December. She got this proclamation of best presentation from 240 entries around the globe.

While she was unable to attend the conference, Ms Inu commented, "The question posed from my presentation was for us to understand the socio-economic factors influencing household productivity and farm investment decisions on labour mobilisation among coffee households in Bena, Eastern Highlands Province of PNG."

The conference emblazed inquisition and augmentation in tropical agriculture.

Fiji dominates the region in tourism arrivals Fiji being smaller in its geographical size, it holds an impressive 41 per cent of the Pacific regional tourism market compared with Papua New Guinea (PNG) which holds 10 per cent.

A former PNG tourism minister Guma Wao told Radio New Zealand there were two main issues which turn tourists off visiting PNG.

"The hotels we have in the country, the guesthouses we have, are very expensive. And I think the tourists coming to the country, I think they're scared of law and order in the country," Mr Wao said.

The international image of PNG as a violent crime hot spot has long been problematic for the industry, according to the head of PNG Tourism Peter Vincent.

He says issues of perception could be turned around if tourism markets knew about the many positive things about PNG.

Australian tourists continue to dominate visitor arrivals into the South Pacific.

According to the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), 115,581 Australian tourists visited the region during the review with Fiji, dominating the market share at 58.4 per cent with 67,552 visitors and Papua New Guinea at 17.4 per cent with 20, 110 visitors.

SPTO says Pacific region has recorded a seven per cent increase in the number of visitor arrivals according to the first quarter tourism review for 2015.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Philippine Airlines opening PNG service on Dec 18 18-12-2015, Philippine Airlines (PAL) will open flights to Papua New Guinea as part of its extension in the Oceania region. This will furnish an easy route for Filipinos living and working in Papua New Guinea to their native home. Around 30,000 Filipino professionals are based in Papua New Guinea.

In a statement, the PAL said it will have thrice-weekly service to Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea, every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. It utilizes the 156-seater Airbus 320. Port Moresby will become PAL’s 39th international destination.

“After its successful inaugural in Cairns and Auckland, PAL continues its expansion in the Oceania Region by resuming flights in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. It allows PAL to be of service to the travel needs of tourists and businessmen both from Manila and Papua New Guinea,” said PAL President and COO Jaime J. Bautista.

The new flight will also permit residents of Papua New Guinea to discover and connect to PAL’s 30 domestic and 39 international destinations. The Manila-Port Moresby route of PAL starts at a rate of USD720 for economy class and USD 2132 for business class, while the Port Moresby- Manila route starts at PGK1,768 for economy class and PGK8, 678 for business class.

An exciting new horizon for basketball in Papua New Guinea the immense success of basketball at the 2015 Pacific Games, the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF) has an in-principle arrangement with the Papua New Guinea Basketball Federation and FIBA to fund the employment of an Executive Officer to lead the country's governing body for the sport.

Subsequent to a meeting with PNGSF CEO Peter Tsiamilili Jnr and FIBA Oceania Regional Director David Crocker, Basketball PNG President Nick Daroa said: "Our proposal for this funded position is something that all three partners believe is the best way to capitalise on the huge popularity of basketball at the Pacific Games. We had sell-out games and great enthusiasm for basketball that is still keeping people on the street talking now. This role will be key to Basketball PNG being able to get more people playing basketball across PNG."

Mr Crocker added: "FIBA sees unlimited potential for basketball in Papua New Guinea and with the Foundation, we agree that a full time quality Executive Officer will be the thing that will allow basketball to grow. The facilities are world class, not just best in the Pacific. The players that played for PNG are great athletes with the potential to medal at future Pacific Games and executives Nick Daroa, Karo Lelai and Eddie Salazar are quality professional people that FIBA is confident in working with."

"This in-principle agreement between us will allow the Federation, supported by FIBA, to achieve a co-funding partnership with the Foundation for basketball in PNG. In talking with Peter and Nick today it is clear we all want to achieve a sustainable business model for basketball in PNG using the facilities at Taurama as a competition base.

"Further to an Executive Officer in PNG, the Federation and FIBA will also launch a new partnership with the Australian Government through its Pacific Sports Partnership program with the Hoops for Health 3x3 program. An initiative to use basketball to increase physical activity amongst young people and women. This is an exciting new horizon for basketball here in PNG after the success of the 2015 Pacific Games.”

Thursday, 10 December 2015

PNG to set up a Media Appeals Tribunal Media Council of Papua New Guinea has articulated serious concerns at plans by the Government to set up a Media Appeals Tribunal. Communications Minister Jimmy Miringtoro proclaimed plans by the Government to establish the tribunal to address what he described as “deliberate misinformation, spreading of falsities and malice” on social and mainstream media.

He said the proposed tribunal will be run by “professional and neutral” people and will report to the National Parliament. But the council, in a statement issued, said the Government was setting a dangerous example which could see politicians – through the National Parliament – regulate and effect news content in PNG.

The council said the actions of the proposed tribunal could eventually lead to state censorship and the loss of press freedom and freedom of expression in Papua New Guinea.

“Section 46 of the Papua New Guinea Constitution guarantees freedom of the press and the freedom of expression and information. These pillars of the constitution ensure Papua New Guinea is a thriving democracy, free from State-sponsored censorship of any form and kind and thus giving it life as a participatory democracy,” said the council.

“Governments for the people and by the people would welcome criticism by its citizens or civil society, discard whatever that is considered irrelevant and embrace propositions that would ultimately lead to a better life for ordinary Papua New Guineans.

“All nations and its people strive for justice, peace and prosperity and a vibrant mainstream and social media play a critical role in reaching that destination.” Acknowledging the need for aggrieved consumers of the various media platforms to seek recourse, the council said there were options that the Government could consider under the auspices of the council’s structure.

“A press complaints committee, set up under the council’s structure, is one option for the Minister’s consideration. “The proposed committee has been on the agenda for discussions with the Minister but the Minister is yet to make time available to meet with the council to discuss issues of common interest.”

The council cautioned that the formation of the proposed tribunal would have an immediate effect on and erode press freedom in PNG and voiced the need for more dialogue towards ensuring the media in the country played its role responsibly and evidently rather than resorting to draconian laws such as the proposed tribunal.

Are You Looking for Pacific Style Clothing? for pacific style clothing that is reasonably priced and of high quality? Jacks of PNG have got you covered for your fashion and beauty product requirements this festive season. With its second shop opened recently in Vision City Mega Mall in Port Moresby in only its first year of operation in PNG, Jacks of PNG is leading the pacific tailored clothing market with most of the products tailored and produced in Fiji.

The shop has furnished training and jobs for 22 local Papua New Guineans and there is plans in place to develop the marketing operations to other centres of PNG come 2016 according to the CEO Bhavin Khatri. Mr Khatri said they are dedicated on delivering products that endorse the pacific and the designs on the clothing are homemade designs that are assimilated and printed onto clothing that are not only pacifican style but in fashion and more prominently of high quality.

The shop is selling products for men and women, children and babies from clothing and footwear, to jewelleries, pharmaceutical and beauty products including sporting products and gears as well bags ranging from all sizes. Mr Khatri added that there will be Christmas specials of selected items this festive season and there is certainly something for everyone in the family.